Jaz Ellington is back on the scene with a brand new release: If You Believe.


July 2021 - Jaz Ellington is an artist who perfected a very distinctive formula with his songs. Inspired by genres as diverse as Soul and R&B, Jaz has created a sound that feels incredibly dynamic but also quite timeless in the way it’s shaped and produced. His most recent studio release, If You Believe, is a perfect showcase of his artistry and skills. The song was produced by the talented Alex Montaque, and it also features the artist’s son Brandon, who is appearing on a recorded track for the very first time at the young age of 9, making his dad very proud! 

The track has a smooth and fresh sound, which highlights the versatility of Jaz’s vocals as well as sharing the artist’s ability to connect with the listeners through inspiring and personable lyrics. The track is the perfect compromise between insightful and enjoyable, giving the audience a really in-depth musical experience that feels so diverse and utterly dynamic. There is so much to unpack here, but the best way to truly let it all soak in is to hit the play button and let the music tell you the rest of the story. The production of the track is just as personal as the remarkable vocal delivery by Jaz himself, giving the audience a deeper dive into a deeper musical world that will not let you down. The arrangement is very seamless, and every part of the song is well constructed, not only stand out individually but dovetailing beautifully into the next section. Making music, sometimes, is a bit like putting together a puzzle. In the end, what really matters is the full picture, but you need to start with some well-crafted pieces in order for the connections to be very smooth and seamless. The tone is absolutely stellar, and it is really striking, particularly when it comes to the amazing balance of every element in the mix. The low end is thick and present, really allowing the mix to be filled with movement and purpose. Moreover, the top end is crisp and warm, adding a lot of definition to the mix. In other words, the sum of the parts is amazing, but only because each part is great, to begin with! If You Believe an amazing introduction to Jaz’s music and a great sign of great things to come. 

Jaz’s most recent release, If You Believe, is highly recommended if you enjoy the sound of artists as diverse as Miguel, Prince, and D’Angelo, only to name a few. 

Find out more about Jaz Ellington, and do not miss out on this release. The track will be released on the 30th of July, 2021.

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30th July 2021